Elite Pest Solutions offers a termite plan that fits your needs. From our liquid barrier treatment to our termite insurance plan, we will take care of your problem. Protect your home against something you CAN NOT get from any homeowners insurance company in the United States. Have your home professionally inspected and put under a qualified, safe and effective plan for termites. Once your home is inspected, and if no termite activity is found, put one of your greatest assets, your home, under our termite insurance plan. If qualified, your home would be put under an annual program, which means it will be inspected every year, and if any treatment is needed it is included in our warranty price.

Key Termite Facts

– Termites cause more damage annually than all natural disasters put together every year in the United States. (hurricanes, floods, fire, earthquakes etc…)

– Termites cause over two billion dollars a year in damage to structures across the country. 

– No homeowner insurance company in the United States offer termite insurance. The risk is too high.

– A home can not be sold or refinanced by a bank/mortgage company with an active termite infestation.

Get your home inspected and receive a NO COST estimate today! Please contact us via the website or at (732) 833-3276.